HVT: Supporting Girls from 6 to 16

Since 2007, the Trust has been dedicated to improving the education and lives of girls at the Assunta schools. In that time, we have continued to grow, expanding our scheme to include both the primary and secondary school, and funding tutors, school meals, supplies, and uniforms for more and more students every year.

This is the first year all five forms of the secondary school have been part of the scheme, meaning that we now offer assistance to forms 2-6 of the primary school and 1-5 of the secondary school. Girls can now be part of the Harinder Veriah Trust for ten full years – from age six right the way up to age sixteen!

We like to thank PAWA (the Pan Asian Women’s Association) for their help in funding the tuition of girls in forms 4 and 5 of the secondary school. We couldn’t be more grateful for their generosity. And of course, we’re indebted to our donors, without whom none of this would be possible.

Earlier this year, our Trustees agreed to provide financial assistance to girls that are able to gain a place at a institution of higher education – allowing us to continue supporting their education beyond their time at school. We will shortly be announcing the first recipient – further details to be announced in due course!

Thank You...

“I like to attend HVT tuition because it makes my family happy. I am lucky to be given a school bag, food, shoes, books and pencils. I say “Thank you” to Mr Martin. I want to pray to my God, so that God can make him happy.”

Pavitra A/P Mahendran Std 3