Martin Jacques (Chair): Husband of Harinder, father of Ravi.
Author of the best-selling   book When China Rules the World
Shade Adekoya (treasurer): Business consultant
Julian Cole, Retired Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase Bank. Lived and worked in Asia for more than 30 years, including 13 years as Board Director of a Malaysian Bank

Honorary Trustees:

See See Leong: Malaysian, IT consultant in London
Frances Swaine (secretary): Former managing partner, Leigh Day and Co, solicitors
Shubhaa Srinivasan
Shubhaa Srinivasan: Malaysian, former partner, Leigh Day and Co
Paul Webster: Editor, the Observer
Ian Selvan
Ian Selvan: Former managing director, software company
Tracy Brabin
Tracy Brabin: Actor, writer, former MP, Mayor of West Yorkshire
Passport picChris Gibson: QC, Previously treasurer of the Trust

Puan Shariza Noordin
In Malaysia, Putri Noor Shariza Noordin, a partner at the law firm Shearn Delamore, is in overall charge of the Trust’s work

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