Two Visits to Assunta Secondary School

At the start of August, Assunta Secondary School was visited by Trustee Karena Ghaus. She met our first batch of 5th formers, who were having Maths and English lessons, and their tutor, Hazimah. Second from the right is Shariza Noordin, who is in charge of all our work in Malaysia. Second from the left is the legendary, long-serving headteacher Sister Enda.

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  Also visiting the Secondary School girls was Ravi Veriah Jacques, son of the Trust’s Chairman, Martin Jacques. He met with the Forms 3, 4 and 5. There was almost a full attendance, apart from just two students. After introductions, the floor was open for girls to put questions to Ravi. He then talked to them a little, followed by playing the violin for them, and then a photo with the whole group, plus 3 tutors at the school courtyard.

ravi 1

ravi 2

ravi 3

Thank You...

“I like to attend HVT tuition because it makes my family happy. I am lucky to be given a school bag, food, shoes, books and pencils. I say “Thank you” to Mr Martin. I want to pray to my God, so that God can make him happy.”

Pavitra A/P Mahendran Std 3