2016 tuition classes in full swing!

Tuition classes for our girls at Assunta primary school 2 under the HVT programme commenced on Thursday 28 January 2016, running from 10.15am to 12.30pm.

This year we have a total of 36 pupils and 9 voluntary teachers. Pupils from Standard 2 to Standard 4 are taught Mathematics and English Language while pupils from Standard 5 to Standard 6 are taught Mathematics, English language and Science.

The students are taught in the following age groups:

Standard 2 (eight years old) – 7 pupils taught by teacher Suhaila

Standard 3 (nine years old) – 4 pupils taught by teachers Mariam and Rajee

Standard 4 (ten years old) – 7 pupils taught by teachers Kanaga and Norliah

Standard 5 (eleven years old) – 10 pupils taught by teachers Shanthi and Zuli

Standard 6 (twelve years old) – 8 pupils taught by teacher Jeannie

Teacher Adelene remains in charge of improving the pupils’ literacy skills in English.

After two classes, the school was closed for a week for the Chinese New Year break. Classes resumed on the 18 February and the girls were ecstatic to receive red packets (Ang Pow) and chocolates from their Chinese teachers.


HVT NewYear2

HVT NewYear3

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Thank You...

“Firstly, I like thank the HVT programme. They have helped my family by giving me uniforms, school shoes, meals on a daily basis during recess and revision books to study.The tuition has helped me improve my writing skills and I am better at my school work. I would also like to thank the teachers for teaching me how to be successful in school.”

Joey Std 6