Cupcakes from teacher Kanaga!

Girls under the HVT programme from the Assunta Primary School 2 have been faithfully attending tuition classes every Thursday, with the exception of school holidays and public holidays.

To break the weekly tutoring routine, teacher Kanaga kindly took time to bake cupcakes for the girls. It was a treat for many of the girls, as most of them do not have the luxury of enjoying a simple cupcake. The girls were delighted and did not forget to say their thanks to teacher Kanaga!




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Thank You...


“HVT has helped improve my studies. I am taught new mathematic methods. I have improved in my writing and reading skills. The HVT teachers are kind to the students. HVT has helped my mother save her money as I am given school uniforms, stationery, shoes, meals and a lot more. Thank you HVT!”

Subithra Std 6