Festive fundraising at the 2017 Christmas party

On Sunday 17th December we once again celebrated the work of the HVT at our annual Christmas party, attended by around 60 supporters of the trust. The evening kicked off with a series of sketches by comedy duo Moon, followed by a violin performance by Ravi Veriah-Jacques. We had a very successful auction, ably conducted by our auctioneer, returning guest of honour and honorary trustee Tracy Brabin MP. The raffle draw, organised by trustee Paul Webster, also raised a healthy sum. Over all, the event raised an estimated £6000 for the Assunta schools, matching last year’s record-breaking total. Many thanks to those who came along and made the event such a success!

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Thank You...

“I like HVT because it is the best. We get free meals. I like going for tuition. The teachers are very nice and they want me to become a good student.”

Nur Syahirah Dayana Bt Abdul Rahman Std 4