Good luck to Standard 6 girls!

01/09/16 – Jeannie Choke

Our Standard 6 girls are all geared up for their UPSR (Public Exam) from 5 to 8 September 2016!

They have worked extremely hard and the HVT teachers have wished them all the best for their exam next week. The girls were given a simple stationery pack each with a good luck note attached by their teacher.

After the exams, all public schools will enjoy a school break from 12- 18 September. HVT classes will resume on 22 September.

All of us wish our Standard 6 girls the very best and hope they will achieve good results.




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Thank You...


“I like to attend HVT tuition because it makes my family happy. I am lucky to be given a school bag, food, shoes, books and pencils. I say “Thank you” to Mr Martin. I want to pray to my God, so that God can make him happy.”

Pavitra A/P Mahendran Std 3