Interviews for HVT Assistance Scheme

With the start of the new school year fast approaching, in November the Trust’s team in Malaysia interviewed potential new candidates for the HVT assistance scheme.

HVT Scheme Interviews

Jeannie Choke, one of our Assunta tutors, writes,

The interview for new applicants was conducted on Saturday, 15 Nov 2014. It was held in the Library of the school from 10 a.m to 12 p.m.  There were 16 new applicants and the interview was conducted by Shariza, Zuli and Pn. Harvinder, a teacher in Assunta who helps to oversee the HVT programme.

HVT Scheme Interviews

Many of the parents who came for the interview were hopeful that their daughters would be given the opportunity to get into the HVT programme. They said that the assistance rendered would definitely lift a burden off their shoulders. As lorry drivers, cab drivers, labourers and part-time wage earners, their income is only sufficient to pay for their basic needs. They cannot possibly afford to send their daughters for private tuition, hence the importance of the HVT free tutoring scheme, together with the other benefits they receive.

The free school uniforms, sport attire, socks, shoes, stationery and bags received saved each family of at least RM250 for a schooling child. For these families who earn a meagre income, a saving of RM250 means putting many simple meals on the table or even paying for utility bills.

HVT Scheme Interviews
HVT Scheme Interviews
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“When I came to Assunta I could not even read a word. After attending HVT tuition I can read millions and millions of books! God bless them. I am given a school bag, stationery and meals. I am taught English, Mathematics and Science. God bless HVT!!”

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