Record numbers in 2015

The new school year in Malaysia started in January and finishes in November. We are pleased to report that for the 2015 school year there has been a significant increase in the number of girls the Harinder Veriah Trust is supporting. In 2014, 41 students were enrolled in Assunta Primary School: for the 2015 school year we will be supporting 43 students. At Assunta Secondary School we supported 13 students in 2014 and this number has risen to 19 students in 2015. Last year the students at the Secondary School only received the uniform aspect of the programme but in 2015 they will also be getting the free lunch at school.

Taking both schools together, the total number of students we are now supporting has gone up from 54 in 2014 to 62 students in 2015.

For the full report on the Trust’s work at Assunta in 2014, and our plans for 2015:

Click here to download the 2014 Annual Report

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“When I came to Assunta I could not even read a word. After attending HVT tuition I can read millions and millions of books! God bless them. I am given a school bag, stationery and meals. I am taught English, Mathematics and Science. God bless HVT!!”

Esther Std 5