Remembering the Legacy: Announcement of the Passing of Assunta Schools’ Founder Sister Enda Ryan FM

Dear Supporters,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Sister Enda, the visionary founder of the Assunta Schools in Petaling Jaya. Sister Enda dedicated her life to the betterment of girls’ education and has touched many lives, inspired hope, and transformed the lives of countless girls and families.

She was such a great woman with a wonderful soul.

Hari loved her. Everyone loved her.

She was a terrific supporter of the Trust and several times wrote with words of encouragement and appreciation.

Her passion, vision, and dedication will forever be remembered and in the hearts of all those whose lives they have touched.

She was larger than life, a truly charismatic figure, the foundation stone of the Assunta schools that the Trust supports.

I met her just twice. She came to Harinder’s wake in January 2000 to pay respects to our family. Although I had never met Sister Enda before, I felt I already knew her because Harinder often spoke about her in the most glowing and respectful terms. Subsequently I received, out of the blue, occasional messages from her in support of the Trust.

Sister Enda had huge compassion and empathy for the girls from poor backgrounds. Poverty animated and motivated her. She identified with those from such backgrounds and believed in supporting them in every possible way.

The second time I met her was about ten years ago at a special event organised by the Trust held at Assunta Secondary School to raise money for our work in supporting the education of poor girls at the two schools. Sister Enda was the star of the show, witty, inspiring, much loved. It was an honour to be in her company.

Rest in peace Sister Enda.

With deepest sympathy,

Martin Jacques

Sr.Enda Ryan FMM (1928 – 2024)

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“I like HVT because it is the best. We get free meals. I like going for tuition. The teachers are very nice and they want me to become a good student.”

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