Tuition Classes Now Underway

HVT session 2015 started on 26th February 2015. This year, tuition sessions are conducted on every Thursday afternoon from 1.15 p.m to 3.30 p.m as our HVT girls attend school in the morning session.

Our HVT girls have a quick nutritious lunch, provided under the HVT programme, in the school canteen. After that, they head straight off to the library, where the tuition is held.

HVT programme 2015, has a total of 47 students. A breakdown of the different age group is shown as below :

Year 1 (seven years old) 2 students

Year 2 (eight years old) 2 students

Year 3 (nine years old) 11 students

Year 4 (ten years old) 9 students

Year 5 (eleven years old) 11 students

Year 6 (twelve years old) 12 students

During the first session on Thursday, 26 th February 2015, our girls were happy to see their HVT teachers again after a long break and eager to start their lessons. Besides being guided in English, Mathematics and Science, students who are weak in reading are now being taught to read under a special reading programme conducted by teacher Adelene.

To view photos of our HVT girls enjoying their lunch in the school canteen, teaching and learning, please click here to visit our flickr page.

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Thank You...


“HVT has helped improve my studies. I am taught new mathematic methods. I have improved in my writing and reading skills. The HVT teachers are kind to the students. HVT has helped my mother save her money as I am given school uniforms, stationery, shoes, meals and a lot more. Thank you HVT!”

Subithra Std 6