2015 Annual Report

The new school year began in January 2016. A comprehensive report on last year’s Assunta school programme can be downloaded following the link below.

It includes both a thorough account of our work in the previous year and a detailed plan of our 2016 programme which will support 38 primary school students and 32 secondary school students. As of this year, there are now students in 5 years of school supported by the trust.

There’s also detail about our first ever public event in Malaysia on 22nd October 2015, which was attended by over 250 people and raised £8750 for the Trust.

Thanks as ever to Shariza Noordin for compiling it.

HVT 2015 Report

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“I like HVT because it is the best. We get free meals. I like going for tuition. The teachers are very nice and they want me to become a good student.”

Nur Syahirah Dayana Bt Abdul Rahman Std 4